Our History

It was in 1982 when Dr. Carlito P. Reyes put up a 2-bed out-patient clinic. After only a month of operation, it was increased to 5-bed capacity and subsequently expanded to a 30-bed capacity secondary hospital.

The year 1997 marked the opening of a new C. P. Reyes Hospital under the management of Tanauan Medical Center, Inc. With the increasing census of hospital admissions and a need for space to house additional medical equipments, a new 5 storey hospital building was built in September 2008. The Department of Health accredited the new CPRH with an 86-bed capacity tertiary hospital.

Congruent with the growth of the hospital was the rise of the 3-storey CPRH Medical Arts Building in 2010, where the clinics of different specialists and sub-specialists are located. This building also houses the Industrial Clinics where medical services like Pre-employment Medical Examination and Annual Physical Examination are being done.

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