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C. P. Reyes Hospital offers discount on Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy and Therapeutic Ultrasound. Promo period is from October 1-31, 2018 only. For more information, please contact 043-784-5401 to 06 local 657 / 0922-861-3505.

Targeted Radiofrequency Therapyand Therapeutic Ultrasound

Soon to Open!!!!


Your hospital of choice just keeps getting better.

C.P. Reyes Hospital is now a BLOOD BANK CENTER!
Because at C. P. Reyes Hospital, we are always open into exploring new possibilities. We never cease to continuously provide excellent services for our valued partners and patients.

What is a Blood Bank?
Blood bank is a blood service facility responsible for the collection, screening, testing, preparation and handling of blood as a result of blood donation procedures. The screened and processed blood is stored, preserved and is later used for transfusion.

Who are the recipients of blood from blood banks?
Blood banks cater accident victims who need immediate blood transfusion, people undergoing surgery and patients receiving treatment for dengue, leukemia, cancer or other diseases such as sickle cell disease, anemia and thalassemia.

 Saves Lives

 Improves Heart Health

 Enhances the Production of New Blood Cells

 Burns Calories

 Reduces Cancer Risk

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